Driving Lessons Isle of Wight


Driving Lessons IW (DLIW) is a network of Driving Instructors on the Isle of Wight providing exceptional service to pupils. We are the most highly qualified group of instructors on the Island, our highly experienced instructors have been teaching people to drive from all over the Island since 1987. DLIW pupils pass their test quicker than the national average, which means we will save you money!

With DLIW you can rest assured that you will be taught by a professional fully qualified Lady or Gentleman Instructor. None of our instructors are trainees, we are all fully qualified instructors. With DLIW you will be taught to drive safely for life not just to pass the test. We also have the facilities to get you off-road driving experience at 16 years old to give you the head start for driving on the road at 17.

You only learn to drive once, so do it right with DLIW. If you have any questions or any concerns please contact any of the Driving Instructors on our website for friendly help and advice.

We’ve had 308 Passes in 2013

In 2013 DLIW has had 308 passes. On an average working day. Someone passes with DLIW!

Starting to Learn to Drive

Before you are able to drive on public roads in the UK, you must have a provisional driving licence. This licence entitles you to drive under the supervision of a full licence holder. Read More

The Driving Test

As with any examination, your chance of passing your driving test is much greater if you know what to expect and have prepared adequately for it. Read More