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Fancy touring Europe ?


Maps – Large scale maps, AA book is good

GPS – Load with EU maps, maybe plan the route on the computer then transfer onto the sat nav, follow your chosen route, be flexible though dont be afraid to stray away.

Licence – Both copies and photocopy 3 times, you have a copy to give the police should you be unfortunate.

MOT – Up to date, make sure the bike is in a roadworthy state.

Registration docs – Take it and have 1 photocopy, then have them in seperate places.

EU motorcycle insurance – Check with your current provider to see if its covered, most cover for 30 days in EU, but again check the countries it is covered for.

Travel insurance – Ask for repatriation for you and your bike (leave your bike behind in a incident, you may not see it again.)

E111 medical card – Have it in your possession (obtain it online, its free)

Credit & Debit cards – Can you use them abroad? Will they charge you per transaction? Nationwide cards do good deals.

Some Euro Cash – Enough to pay for anything you instantly need.

Your passports – Take a copy place it in seperate place, in case it is lost or stolen.

First Aid kit – Place it somewhere immediately accessable, top of panniers etc.

Paperwork – Can be a good idea to leave a copy with a friend at home who can scan and email or fax.


Rules of the road for each country:



Waterproof protective bike gear

Comfortable bike boots

Good pair of warm motorcycle gloves – heat pads for pillion.

Warm/ thick pair of socks

Thin layers so you can adapt to temperature change

Neck gaiters are very useful

Base layers are a must.



Tyre weld – a canister that you spray into your flat tyre that will seal the puncture. It will limp you to your hotel, destination or nearby garage.

Tyre repair kit – We take Gryyp’s Cargol Turn & Go system, due to the ease of use.

Electric pump – buy one and dismantle it from the casing to make it small as the palm of your hand

Camera with spare batteries and plenty of memory on cards


Bike & Spares

GB sticker (if GB is not shown on your number plate, 2x Breathalyser, Bulb kit, Hi-vis vests for both you & passenger should you break down. Fail to have any of these will result in a fine if you are stopped by the police.

Food & drink that is readily accessible, especially on long journeys.

Give your bike a full service at least one month before you go, prevents any nasty last minute surprises. Final oil & tyre check before you set off.

Duct tape, cable ties, some basic maintenance tools.



Touratech – Ortlieb bag is extremely big and very good. Pack strap down & you’re off.




Eurotunnel –

Motorail for bikers –

Up to date road alert – Frixo ( is a free service
road travel reporting website, that provides users with the most up-to-date
road traffic information. The data is updated every 5 minutes using sensors
placed on motorways and common A / B roads.



Hotel Enzian, Landeck, Licheinstein – Biker hotel, fantastic for touring the Alps in Austria, Switzerland, Italy & France, visiting the famous Stelvio Pass.

Ibis Budget hotel – Stuttgart, Germany, has an underground car park.

Hotel Baren, Black forest, Germany – Biker hotel. Fantastic for visiting Freiburg, Black forest, Stuttgart (Mercedes & Porsche museum) & B500 road which is one of the best in Europe.