CBT – (Compulsory Basic Training)

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Anyone with a provisional two-wheeled licence of any kind must take this course to validate their motorcycle or moped licence. This training course will contain all the information necessary to pass the C.B.T as easily as possible, and can easily be completed on the same day provided you are up to independant riding standard.

If you need another half days training this will be provided for free.

The CBT is valid for two years and allows any motorcycle, geared or automatic, up to 125cc to be ridden provided the rider has reached the minimum age required.

Once you have successfully completed the CBT and have your certificate (DL196) you can carry on to take additional motorbike training like direct access to pass your tests and qualify for a full motorcycle or moped licenc333e.

Can be completed in 1 day or 2 half days.

For more information, give Paul a call on 07774 000206.




CBT (Using your own motorbike)…                                             £100.00

CBT (Using a hire bike)…                                                          £110.00

Book now using our booking form.

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