Enhanced Rider Scheme

Enhanced Rider Scheme (DVSA & Motorcycle Industry Association)

Become a better rider by taking training to improve your riding skills. Talk to a professional trainer about taking the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS). As well as developing new skills, you can also get insurance discounts with the majority of motorcycle insurance brokers.

What is the Enhanced Rider Scheme? It is a joint Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) scheme designed for fully licensed motorcyclists and it’s perfect for those of you who:

• have just passed your test

• are upgrading to a more powerful bike

• are returning to biking after a break

• simply want a health check on your riding or are thinking of going onto a higher level

ERS is tailored to your needs. You do as little or as much training as required; it concentrates on identifying weaknesses around the key risk areas in on-road riding, such as bend negotiation, overtaking, filtering, positioning and junctions. The trainer’s role is to help you to further develop your riding skill and reduce any risks.

How does it work? Simply book with us and If your riding is assessed as satisfactory, the process ends there and you will be issued an ERS certificate. If training is needed, a rider development plan is devised that concentrates on the specific areas needing attention. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll receive a report and a DVSA Certificate of Competence – Enhanced Rider Bonus, which then qualifies you for an insurance discount!


With the emphasis on safety, advanced training is carried out to a police style advanced system which is based on the advanced rider’s manual ‘Roadcraft’


To promote, maintain and encourage consistent high standards of Advanced Motorcycle riding and increase awareness of road safety by creating a structured learning environment.


We will meet for a couple of hours, preceding the course to be issued the book and other literature to help with practical training. The course will take place on town and countryside roads around the Island which will improve your cornering techniques, speed in bends, forward planning skills, improved fuel efficiency and passenger friendliness, through systematic riding and concentration.
There will be a working lunch stop half way through. A copy of ‘Roadcraft, the police rider’s manual’ will be included in the price.
Advance Training Day (includes copy of Roadcraft manual). Price excludes lunch on the day.

Enhanced Rider Scheme

Full one day course £150 (includes a copy of Roadcraft manual)

Two hour assessment £80 (includes instruction if necessary)

Single hourly rate £40

ERS Payment



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If you want any other advice/ training on biking then send us an email.