Brilliant : No one expects to learn anything at their 3rd Mandatory CBT . After all you’ve already had 4 years riding around on your 125cc and figure you know it all. But this was my first time with Pit-Stop and after the day’s training my bike handling was 100 times better and I had learnt road safety techniques that made me feel more at ease on the road. Why had the other companies not taught me these skills? The Instructors at Pit-Stop – Paul, Collin and Steve – all learnt their craft in the Police Force which sets them above the rest. Having completed the Pit-Stop CBT I knew that I was now prepared to do the full test.

I contacted Paul and arranged additional training. I arrived on Friday, on Tuesday I passed Mod 1 and Wednesday my Mod 2. Both Modules held No surprises as Paul had covered every eventuality. After riding round the Isle of Wight on a CBF600 my beloved 125 Marauder had to go.

Why did I come all the way from Essex to train? What better place to hone your bike skills than on the Isle of Wight? Make a holiday out of it.

I will be back for advanced training.

Steve – Essex.