Met Paul and his lovely wife at the London bike show, after chatting to them for a few minutes about wanting to do my full license they proposed a great deal and Paul promise that he would be able to teach me and get me through my CBT, Mod1 and Mod2 in just under a week, baring in mind the last time I had done a CBT was 5 years prior and had never ridden since.
I accepted his challenge and booked a week on the Isle of Wight.
I got back home yesterday with all of Paul’s promises made to reality. Apart from keeping his promise he is an amazing bloke with a great family of instructors who teach to a very high standard.
I could go on and on about how great Paul, Paul B. and Steve treated me.
From the get go making me feel comfortable, welcome and going above and beyond to accommodate. It’s not just a job for these guys, it’s a passion and that shows. If your thinking or wanting to take your bike test on any level then speak to these guys. You won’t regret it.
Can’t thank them enough, they are great!