Sandown Bay Academy safer rider course for mopeds. The students who took part in the Pre-Rider Educational Course with Paul Spreadbury from Pit-Stop Training, left, and Fire and Rescue Service safety officer Mervyn Goldring, right.

Description: Students at Sandown Bay Academy, who were encouraged to safely get on their bikes, received certificates for doing so. Twenty-one took part in a pilot course aimed at teaching young moped riders the correct type of protective gear to wear, highway code rules of the road and how to avoid collisions. That was followed by practical riding sessions with a fully qualified motorcycle instructor and two hour-long theory sessions. “We have done this because two wheels is relatively cheap form of transport and many are taking it up, so this course is designed to put them in good stead for when they start riding on the road,” said IW Council road safety officer Mervyn Goldring. “Regulations mean at 16, to ride a moped, they have to do a compulsory basic training course (CBT) before they are allowed on the road on their own with L-plates” He said the course complemented the work of CBT instruction, for which there was limited time. “The most important reason is to teach students how to ride more safely by understanding the actions of other drivers by riding defensively. “The off-road practical sessions back this up by teaching good control and balance of the machine in a safe environment, before taking to the road – there-by reducing casualties in this age group”. He said the school was keen to hold another training session in the future.

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